Password Hacking – Electranoid – ADG Pro 13

Not each Pro video goes to lead to success… however that does not invalidate the try! 😉

Today for ADG Pro, Gemini’s taking a crack at hacking via the password generator for the previous DOS sport Electranoid to attempt to uncover the way it works in order that customized passwords may be generated with no matter scores, lives, and degree values are desired!

Now, though the ultimate outcome right here was a failure, loads of helpful information was undoubtedly uncovered for anybody who needs to proceed the try!


Additional Information and Corrections:

* Here’s the hyperlink to my uncooked, unformatted notes I took whereas making an attempt to interrupt via the passwords. It’s a bit messy and will not learn accurately until you employ a fixed-width font:

* A specific fan of the present, Foone Turing, managed to disassemble the password producing portion of this system and constructed his personal Python scripts for encoding and decoding the passwords! If you need to skip the problem and simply break via the sport’s passwords immediately, try the next hyperlink:

* I discussed utilizing a sq. root to determine what number of bits have been doable with a specific quantity, however you are really supposed to make use of a binary logarithm (also known as “log2”) to do that, as I used to be getting the 2 combined up. That stated, log2(16) and sqrt(16) are BOTH equal to 4. 😛


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