How to join a Hacking Group in the Darknet

Hey, i simply discovered the web site of a black hat hacking Group at nighttime internet known as ISCOFSI.
hyperlink to the hidden service: iscofsimkzap3msk.onion

All passwords the place md5 hashes so i cracked them for you, for those who the place focused on that:

password1: d41e270e9c1d1b376614313f20e1a5ce
cracked: darling !!!

password2: 21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3
cracked: admin

password3: 9fb73a85b47081105c5809c94d3d90a8
cracked: fasdfasdfa

password4: 4e6ec7ddf1afa7944f1937385ae54891
cracked: f00df00d

password5: 39C35D1A88201FDDE5A7039DAA2B7EA8
cracked: [email protected]

password6: 49fb2e659dc8e2794bd401ca5b306057
cracked: (one other md5) – justyna070809

password7: 541afd0b501bcdcf8fa084e68841cd94
cracked: 659637589

password8: 726366137053072376eab89679cea1ac
cracked: haileybird

password9: 634c4191dd31621b7c9e61bb5ac247d0
cracked: asiulka90pl