Hacking Explained

Ever questioned how hackers hack? Find out on this video!

Here are just a few followup issues to consider:

Samy’s Virus

The merchandising machine hack used to work earlier, however virtually all machines that function around the globe have been patched.

HTML and Javascript are fairly enjoyable to mess around. Start by making a easy recreation or internet web page in HTML and JS. I’d advocate utilizing https://jsfiddle.net/

Make your personal internet apps with Python. I’d advocate begin studying it by utilizing Flask http://flask.pocoo.org/

The hacking cameras part was impressed by Craig Heffner’s and my very own work. The precise exploit wasn’t proven precisely the best way it was achieved and was a mashup of various issues and will not truly work in observe – however the principle concepts had been offered.

The hartbleed visualization was impressed by XKCD

Thanks for watching! 🙂