Hacking Docker Containers Webinar

Title: Hacking Docker Containers
This workshop introduces college students to the safety ideas related to Docker. Docker is a well-liked software program for containerization and it’s broadly utilized in Information Technology Industry. It’s reputation additionally brings a bigger assault floor and thus you will need to perceive it is safety features to have the ability to shield Docker containers. This workshop is designed for viewers with any expertise.

Section 1: Fundamentals of Docker
Introduction to Docker
• Virtual Machines vs Containers
• Building your first Docker picture
• Running your first Docker container
• Images vs Containers
• cgroups
• namespaces
• Introduction to Docker Registry

Section 2: Hacking and Securing Docker Containers
1. Docker assault floor
2. Exploiting weak pictures
3. Privilege escalation utilizing quantity mounts
4. Container escape utilizing docker.sock
5. Writing to Kernel house from a container
6. Automated assessments utilizing docker bench safety