Dynamo Hacker Teammate ? | #DynamoGaming Explained Hacking Allegations | Dynamo New Video

Dynamo enjoying with a random participant, who desires to affix hydra and requested Dynamo for taking him in hydra. But different clan gamers who’re in the identical match put-up allegation that Dynamo teammate is a hacker. Dynamo spectate him and defined hacking allegations. Dynamo make clear why his teammate is just not a hacker.
This video has nothing to do with my personnel opinion. It’s all about what occur within the sport. As far as RedRock view, I agree with Dynamo.

Credit Dynamo Gaming : https://www.youtube.com/user/sam14319

Dynamo Hacker Teammate Random Player ? | #DynamoGaming Explained Hacking Allegations | Dynamo New Video

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