Cheat Engine THREADSTACK Pointers – C++ Game Hacking Tutorial Part 5 | Memory Hacking

In this video we cowl how you can work with thread stack pointers in C++ to hack video games
First I give some recommendations on how you can keep away from having to make use of threadstack pointers to start with
Then I present you one answer and afterwards how this answer truly works.


– Github Projekt (cheatengine-threadstack-finder):

– Thread on CheatEngine Forum:

– Links to info concerning Threadstacks:

– Link to CheatEngine Source as proven within the video:

Music Used: Watchman’s Ease by Jeremy Soule (Oblivion Soundtrack)

Code could be discovered right here:

CheatEngine Lua Script:
native startaddress = getAddress(course of)
native endaddress = startaddress + getModuleSize(course of)
print(‘Start: ‘ .. string.format(‘%x’, startaddress) .. ‘, End: ‘ .. string.format(‘%x’, endaddress))